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Behavior Support Services

Behavior Support Services are provided in accordance with established behavioral principles and practices to contracting County Boards, providers and agencies. The Behavior Support Specialist responsibilities may include:

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Medication Administration Quality Assessment Review (MAQA)

In addition to nurse consultation and quality assessment oversight, SOCOG’s quality assessment registered nurse completes mandated reviews of each individual receiving medication administration or the performance of health-related activities by DD personnel at least once every three years. Each review is designed to evaluate and ensure that medications and health-related activities are being delivered in a safe manner and includes:

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Investigative Agent Services

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Provider Compliance Reviews

Provider Compliance Reviews are completed according to OAC 5123:2-9-05. Every HCBS waiver provider is required to have a compliance review conducted at least once every five years to assure compliance with certification standards.

The Southern Ohio Council completes compliance reviews, as determined by DODD. The Provider Support Specialist completes approximately 30 reviews per year. In addition to standard compliance reviews, special and look-behind reviews also may be conducted. A special review is where there has been reported a concern in a particular area of provider compliance. It is not a full review, the review specifically targets one area. A look-behind review is usually conducted by DODD, and they are ensuring two things: first, that the Southern Ohio Council reviewer completed the initial provider compliance review satisfactorily, and second, that the provider is implementing the strategies and recommendations listed in the plan of correction.

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Provider Billing

HCBS Waiver providers are required to submit claims to DODD in order to receive payment. The Southern Ohio Council offers billing services to independent providers. This service includes data entry into Gatekeeper and transmitting the claims through the e-MBS (electronic Medicaid Billing System). Some technical assistance and monthly billing histories also are provided as part of this service. Payment for services may be made by sending check or money order or by paying online by credit cart.

The cost for this service is an initial $10.00 set-up fee per individual being served (both Level I and IO).

For Individual Options (I.O.) Waiver providers there is a monthly charge of $30.00 per individual paid on a quarterly basis.

For Level I Waiver providers there is a quarterly charge of $30.00 for up to three individuals. The quarterly cost increases by $10 per quarter per individual after three. Therefore the cost is $30 per quarter for one to three individuals, $40 per quarter for four individuals, $50 per quarter for five individuals, etc.)

For additional information or to set up provider billing services, please contact our office at 740-775-5030, ext. 103.

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Human Resources Coordination Services

Southern Ohio Council of Governments (SOCOG) provides Human Resources Coordination (HR) Services in cooperation with County Boards of Developmental Disabilities and in accordance with SOCOG’s policies and procedures, applicable laws, rules and regulations. This flexible service is available by the hour or job to assist small to medium sized county boards with human resources related functions, projects, and training.

Human Resources Coordination Services may include:

These human resources services will be tailored to meet the specific needs of the contracting County Board. The County Board is invoiced once a month following service provision.

Services are billed according to the agreed upon hourly or per diem rate and mileage reimbursement.

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Supported Living Services

The Southern Ohio Council provides two levels of Supported Living Services.

The first level is primarily a financial function for the County Board. This is called Supported Living Fiscal Services. For this service, the Southern Ohio Council completes payment of supported living claims, allocation monitoring, financial investing, and emergency check-writing services.

The second level of Supported Living Services includes all of the above supports as well as contracting with providers, monitoring of compliance, technical assistance, and Payment Authorization for Services (PAS).

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Family Support Services for Brown County

A program of supports for families who care for an individual with developmental disabilities at home.

Who do I contact at the Brown County Board?

JoJean Seip
Family Support Services Coordinator
937-378-4891, ext. 221
Brown County Board of DD
325 West State Street
Building A, Suite 2
Georgetown, OH 45121

Who provides the service?

The FSS program allocation is administered for Brown County Board through Southern Ohio Council of Governments (SOCOG).

How do I access FSS services?

Families contact Brown County Board to complete an initial application which is reviewed for eligibility. Upon approval, SOCOG is notified. When an approved family has a need, the family contacts SOCOG, who reviews the specific request and approves or denies the service. If approved, the family receives or purchases the service and submits a receipt with the appropriate voucher to SOCOG for reimbursement. SOCOG cuts checks two times per month and provides a monthly report to Brown County Board of DD. Brown County Board of DD’s board of directors reviews FSS revenue and expenditures on a monthly basis.

To access voucher forms, click on the links below:
FSS Non Respite Voucher
FSS Respite Voucher
FSS Request

Access the website of Brown County Board of Developmental Disabilities

Notice of Privacy Practices for Brown County Board

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Fiscal Administration

Southern Ohio Council can provide a variety of services to our members for funds deposited with our organization. Among those are direct payment to Supported Living and Family Resource providers along with any associated expenses of those programs and payment of Waiver Match invoices received from the department.

Checks are prepared twice per month to assure that all invoices are paid in a timely manner. In addition, funds deposited through Southern Ohio Council are eligible to accrue interest which can be credited back into your account.

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SOCOG Representative Payee Services

What is a Representative Payee?

A representative payee is an individual or organization that receives Social Security and/or SSI payments for someone who cannot manage or direct management of his or her money. A payee uses the funds for current and foreseeable needs of the client(s) and saves any remaining funds for the client’s future use.

Social Security benefits payments must be used for:

Representative Payee Service

The Southern Ohio Council of Governments (SOCOG) offers representative payee services to individuals, families, independent providers and agency providers.

As a representative payee, SOCOG plays a vital role in serving our beneficiaries. We collaborate with an individual’s support system in deciding how to manage benefits to help create a stable living environment for the beneficiary and ensure that the basic current needs of food, shelter, clothing and medical care are met.

Our courteous and professional staff will ensure payments are made in a timely and efficient manner. Invoices and documentation can be mailed, emailed or faxed to SOCOG 24 hours per day.

What We Offer

Why Use SOCOG’s Representative Payee Service

The Cost

SOCOG charges a fee of $39.00 per client per month for representative payee services as set by the Social Security Administration.

Training/Presentation Services

SOCOG will provide an overview and a presentation on how to utilize our representative payee services.

To Get Started

To establish SOCOG as your representative payee, call 740-775-5030, ext. 106 during regular business hours.

We will provide information on how we can meet your needs and review the requirements to get you started.

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SOCOGnitive Developments

SOCOG began publishing a newsletter in June 2011. SOCOGnitive Developments will be published twice a year.

    June 2011
    April 2012
    October 2012
    April 2013
    October 2013
    April 2014
    October 2014
    April 2015
    October 2015
    April 2016
    October 2016
    April 2017
    November 2017

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Southern Ohio Council of Government offers monthly training alternating each month between New Provider Certification training and Established Prodiver training. In addition, Medication Administration (2-day, 14-hour trainings and CPR/First Aid) are offered quarterly. Course descriptions, fees and schedule are available by clicking here.

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Certification of County Board Employees

SOCOG processes certification applications for County Board staff in the roles of adult services and service and support administration (SSA). Employees are to complete the application form and send it along with the worksheet, necessary documentation (e.g. diplomas, transcripts, continuing education completion affidavit form, etc.), signatures and non-refundable fee to:

P.O. Box 456
Chillicothe, OH 45601

Upon approval, the certificate will be e-mailed to the County Board Superintendent or his/her designee for their records and to forward a copy to the employee. If the employee provides an e-mail address, the certificate will be sent to the County Board and the employee.

To verify an individual’s certification status, click on Certification Verification, choose the County and then the individual’s name.

To see the standard requirements and evaluation worksheets for each position, choose from the following links:

Adult Services

Early Intervention

Early Intervention Certification is now provided by the Ohio Department of DD.

Service and Support Administration

Certification Rule Training Documentation Forms

(Adult Services and Service and Support Administration)

Adult Services

Service and Support Administration

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