Medication Administration Quality Assessment Review (MAQA)

In addition to nurse consultation and quality assessment oversight, SOCOG’s quality assessment registered nurse completes mandated reviews at each provider location in the county where medication administration or the performance of health-related activities by DD personnel at least once every three years. Each review is designed to evaluate and ensure that medications and health-related activities are being delivered in a safe manner as described in ORC 5123:2-6-07 and includes:

  • Observation of administering prescribed medication or performing health-related activities.
  • Documentation review for completeness and appropriate actions.
  • A review of all prescribed medication errors from the past twelve months.
  • A review of the system used by the provider to monitor and document completeness and correct techniques used.
  • Recommendations sent to the county board and the provider including steps to take to improve the functioning of the trained DD personnel and maintain compliance.

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